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Jumpstart Video Production Cleveland provides video production services at a price that makes it possible for almost every business to use the power of video in their sales and promotional efforts. Our efficient use of technology—typically shooting in HD on our Sony EA50 cameras and editing on Apple Imac computers—help keep the cost down, but it’s the ambitious, energetic producers operating as a single person crew that really make it happen.

Jumpstart has produced a multitude of videos and commercials for auto dealers, service centers and tire dealers in Cleveland. The value proposition for marketers in the auto industry is that Jumpstart Video has tremendous experience in automotive video production and that content created by Jumpstart is owned by the client. This means that auto dealers, service centers and tire dealers have complete control and ownership of their video content and have the rights to use in their TV commercial on any broadcast TV station and cable television network. They have the right to use the same video content on their website, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or any other broadcast, digital media or social media outlet they choose. The power of video is now in control of the owners and marketing team. Total ownership and control of their video content is one of several value propositions offered by the Cleveland video production team at Jumpstart Video Production Cleveland.

There are several reasons why an auto dealer or a tire dealer in Cleveland would choose Jumpstart Video Production Cleveland to produce their TV commercial, YouTube video, Instagram Video or web site video. Jumpstart producers have decades of experience producing video for marketers and advertisers in the automotive industry. Jumpstart Video Production Cleveland has brought together video producers, scriptwriters, videographers, editors, motion graphics artists, on-camera and voice over actors. While there are few sure fire methods in advertising that guarantee success, each member of the Jumpstart Video Production Cleveland team creates content inspired by the idea that if the client sees results then we all win. This creative team celebrates the client’s increased traffic and sales growth. Our success is measured by the client’s success. The longevity of the Jumpstart Video Production Cleveland average client relationship is a testament to the quality of our work.

Today, video is more important than ever. Entrepreneurs can leverage the web video revolution with a series of short videos on topics their prospects or customers are interested in. The increased web traffic can have a positive effect on how the website is ranked in search engine results. For example, just search video production company Cleveland and our company will be at the top.

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