Meet the Crew

Colin Daughtey Editor
Colin has been an editor, motion graphics authority, and grip at Jumpstart since 2013. He loves to get lost in the After Effects graph editor, and is a self-made voiceover ace. Colin is a video game wizard, is a Lúcio main, and designed the hyper-efficient (not a virus) Snoopstre 2.0 Premiere editing workspace
Motion Graphics
Shawn Martin Producer
Shawn has been a production coordinator, shooter, editor, scriptwriter, and director at Jumpstart since 2009, covering the Cleveland, Akron, and Pittsburgh markets. He’s created more affordable cable TV spots than Martin Scorcese, and always keeps his shoots relaxed and stress-free for the client. It’s always a fun time. Shawn lives with his dog Scizzers, is a volleyball maven, and can perform an effective suplex
Video Production
Volleyball Fundamentals
Ben Fuller Promotions Coordinator
It takes patience and perseverance to be able to comb through an infinite amount of lists, stories and data to find the prospects that will hopefully become customers. Like any business venture the work of prospecting is absolutely essential to the ongoing success of Jumpstart Video. There is no one better to work in an environment where the traditional selling methods aren’t going to work than a professional that understands the value of relevant information. In the digital era the relationship between client and trusted vendor starts with an online conversation, and Ben knows how to get the conversation started. With proper research and a portfolio of work to show that is relevant to the prospect Ben connects the dots, opening doors by sending emails that are well received because he took the time to understand the prospects’ business and industry. While the Jumpstart Video team is busy creating great video for clients, Ben is hard at work sharing the Jumpstart story with the Cleveland business community. Should you happen to get an introductory email from Ben, know that a great deal of research and care went in to that message
Digital Marketing